5 Ways to Bring Summer Into Your Home

As the warm weather fills the air, what better way to commemorate the sunny season than by adding summer touches to your home’s decor? Each season inspires us to design our homes a little differently, and with the arrival of summer we’re focusing on neutral tones, light textures and beach-inspired decorative elements. Here are five easy tips to make your house feel and look more summery this year.

1. Incorporate Shells

No beach day is complete without taking time to collect shells along the shore. The best part? Your trove can be used as a decor throughout your home. Fill a glass vase or jar with your shells and sand to give your home a beach house feel. These decorative pieces look great in the bathrooms or bedrooms of your home. 

2. Accesorize with Wicker

You’d be hard pressed to find a coastal-style home without wicker accessories sprinkled throughout. The organic texture brings warmth to any space, pairing wonderfully with any greenery you have in your home. Form and function blend seamlessly with wicker baskets and trays as they add aesthetic appeal and provide solutions for storage and organization. 

3. Pare Down Your Shelves

Summer fashion is about fewer layers and a “less-is-more” mentality, and your home’s decor should follow suit. Take time to declutter your shelves, clear your tabletops and streamline any lingering items. 

Keep your spaces simple with fewer accessories, this will give your whole house more breathing room — making your home feel instantly refreshed for the season.

4. Decorate With Driftwood


Decorate the spaces around your home with driftwood to give it that coastal vibe. If you come across a unique piece, add it to the centerpiece of your dining table or on top of a few coffee table books for an instant refresh.

5. Opt for Linen Sheets

It’s time to strip off your comfy flannel bedding and swap them for breathable linen sheets and pillowcases. This will allow your bed to have an overall breezier look and feel much cooler on those warm summer nights. Keep your linens neutral to give your room a beach house feel.

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