HOA Fees: What Are They & What’s Included?

From the perfectly-manicured landscaping to the shipshape amenities, Coastal Point’s beautiful aesthetics and well-maintained facilities aren’t by chance — they’re the result of the community’s commitment to their neighborhood and contributions towards HOA fees. In this post, we’ll break down exactly what HOA fees are, and what’s covered in yours at Coastal Point.

What are HOA fees?

Simply put, homeowner association fees (HOA) are a monthly or annual sum that’s paid by community residents. This fee helps maintain all properties, amenities and common areas through a set of enforced rules. When you purchase a property in Coastal Point, you’ll automatically become members of the HOA jurisdiction and will be required to pay dues towards community upkeep.

What’s the benefit of being part of an HOA?

HOA’s are beneficial for a number of reasons, from keeping shared community spaces well-maintained to ensuring that a single homeowner doesn’t make a change that lowers the wider community’s property values. As the name suggests, an HOA is comprised of and run by the community’s residents, with a board directed to enforce and oversee the rules and regulations.

What’s included in my HOA fees at Coastal Point?

To ensure that our Coastal Point community is kept as beautiful and well-maintained as possible, the following items are included in the annual HOA fee:

  • Landscape and irrigation maintenance for all common areas
  • Pool maintenance such as repairs, cleaning, supplies, and lifeguarding
  • Cleaning services such as restocking restrooms, clubhouse cleaning (inside), power washing exterior of buildings
  • Ground improvements, maintenance, and repairs such as playground mulch, plant material replacement, common area fencing repairs/cleanings, electrical/plumbing repairs, etc.
  • Water and sewer for irrigation and the clubhouse/pool
  • Electricity for irrigation meters, entry monuments and the clubhouse/pool
  • 911 phone and pool gate access system/maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Holiday decorations
  • Property taxes
  • Management fees (for the HOA company services)
  • Trash removal
  • Pest control and mosquito spraying services
  • Lake and fountain maintenance
  • Administrative fees i.e. postage, printings, office supplies, mail-outs, collections, attorney fees, etc.
  • Audit/tax preparation
  • Community website
  • ARC applications for homeowner upgrades/changes

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