How to Ease Your Kids Through Your Move

You may be looking forward to your beautiful new home in Coastal Point, but your children might have mixed feelings. No matter how excited they might feel about their new home, they may still feel a sense of loss from moving. There are ways to help your kids make the transition so that all of you can make a lifetime of memories in your new home.


Don’t Over Prepare Them
Talk to your kids about the move. Explain that all of their belongings will be making the move with them. If your house is in the process of being built, visit it during the construction period. This not only serves as a sort of countdown, it can make them excited to see (and move into) the finished product.


Explore the Neighborhood
If possible, take them for walks or let them ride their bikes in their new neighborhood. Drive past their new school. Point out ice cream parlors and pizza places that you will be able to visit once you move. If you are moving from another state, use Google Earth to discover where interesting landmarks might be.


Let Them Feel Negative Emotions
It’s tough to watch your child deal with negative emotions, but understand that they can’t see things from an adult perspective. You may be excited to have more space but all they may see is the neighborhood they are losing. If you are moving out of state, they could be leaving a beloved grandparent behind. Let them grieve. It takes six months on average for kids to fully acclimate to a move.


Don’t Clear Your Kids’ Clutter
It’s tempting to use your move as an opportunity to get rid of clutter but resist when it comes to your children’s rooms. As moving day comes closer, their toys, clothes and other objects may take on increased importance. Pack it all up. You can declutter after they have gotten used to their new home.


Give Them Agency
Your children didn’t have a say in the move. Feelings that they have no control over their lives are understandable. Give them a say in how their rooms are set up — even if it doesn’t seem like the optimal configuration. Let them decide where a vase or artwork might go. You can change it later.


Maintain Ties
Technology is a great way for kids to remain connected to the friends and family members they miss. Set up regular times for a Zoom or FaceTime call. Virtual playdates can also remind children that they haven’t lost their friends.


What About School?
School is the usual way kids make friends but if your school is online, kids may feel isolated. See if you can introduce your child to his or her teacher for the year via Zoom. That way she can introduce them virtually to their classmates.


Get to Know the Neighbors
This is a little tricky right now. If you are moving to a master-planned community, search Facebook for a resident group page. See if any virtual events are being hosted via Zoom. If not, consider hosting a socially distant block party.