How to Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

Whether you’ve just moved into your new home with your furry friend, or they’re a new addition to your family, it’s important to start thinking about how you can pet-proof your space. With just a few small changes, you can make your home safer and more comfortable for your four-legged companions to live in. 


Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

Your pets will likely be spending a lot of time on and around your furniture, so you want to make sure it can withstand any scratching and staining. Materials like velvet and tweed are more vulnerable to wear and tear, and can make cleaning a nightmare. Instead, opt for leather or synthetic microfiber furniture that’ll be able to go the distance.


Relocate Hazardous Substances

You may not realize how easy it can be for your pets to get into any low-lying cabinets, which can pose a danger if they’re not secured properly. Many homeowners store items like cleaning products and food in these areas their pets can easily get to, so it’s best to relocate those items off the ground to minimize any risk. 


Install Window Screens

As soon as the weather warms up, you might want to open your windows to let in a bit of fresh air, but if you have pets that love to climb, mesh screens are a good investment to consider. The last thing you want is your pet to wander out an open window when you’re not looking, so it’s best to implement preventive measures before any chaos arises. Mesh screens allow you to feel the outdoor breeze while giving you the peace of mind that your pets will be safe and secure in your home.


Ditch the Carpet — Opt for Tile

Pet-friendly flooring is another aspect of your home that needs to be considered before you bring a new pet home. Unfortunately, while carpet is a great way to cozy up a space or make a bold statement, it’s not the best choice for a pet-friendly household. They don’t hold up against damage very well and can harbor many odors. Instead, try ceramic and porcelain tile as they’re both great scratch-resistant options to incorporate in your home. 


Secure the Trash

No one wants to see garbage strewn across their kitchen or bathroom floor. To avoid your pets getting into the trash and creating a mess, make sure all your wastebaskets have lids on them. Smaller bins can also be stored in a secure cabinet to prevent your pet from knocking them over.


Creating a pet-friendly environment is key when you have furry friends roaming around, but what about creating a space where you thrive? Learn more about how you can improve your own health and wellbeing with a few simple changes