Using a Realtor Benefits You

You’ve done your research, visited websites, talked to friends and family and have made the decision to purchase a new-build home. the next thing you should do is call someone with experience buying and selling homes — in other words, a Realtor.


A Realtor? Surely you don’t need one if you are purchasing a build-to-order home. It’s up to you, of course, but there are many benefits to working with a Realtor. Benefits that range from helping you find the right community to helping you navigate complex paperwork.


Consider these advantages:


Finding the Right Community for You


Knowing you want to purchase a new construction home is one thing, knowing where you want to live is something else entirely. Realtors spend a lot of time touring neighborhoods and communities. They are aware of the home prices, amenities, qualities of the schools your children will attend and ease of commuting to employment centers. A Realtor will save you time by only showing you model homes in the communities that best fit your needs.




A Realtor is on your side and has your best interests at heart. Additionally, Realtors will help you get the most value for the least amount of money and make the real estate transaction easy and frustration free.


Make Recommendations on Upgrades


Purchasing a build-to-order home means making choices. What cabinets do you want? What about the countertops? Should you upgrade to hardwood floors or add that  optional media room? Real estate professionals know what home features today’s buyers are looking for in a home. They also know what improvements will increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it down the road.


Recommend the Best Lender


Navigating the purchase of any home is tough but finding the best financing options for you can be a lot tougher. Realtors are used to working with a variety of lenders and can recommend the best loan and mortgage broker for you.


Negotiate on Your Behalf


You might think nothing is negotiable when purchasing a new build home, but that isn’t always the case. A good Realtor will know what is and what is not negotiable and as you can imagine, it varies by builder. They also know about incentives a builder is offering that can save you money on closing costs or upgrades.


What About Paperwork?


Real estate contracts are dense. An independent agent can help you understand all the nuances of the contract. They can answer questions about it. This can be particularly important if you are a first-time homebuyer.


Builders are used to working with Realtors and are happy to do so because they want their homeowners to be happy. Ready to buy your dream home in Coastal Point? Get a Realtor and prepare to make the move.