The Benefits of Buying a New-Build Home

When it comes to life’s greatest milestones, buying a home is definitely high up on the list. Some may look to the resale market, while others may opt to purchase a pre-construction home instead. To help take some of the guesswork out of which is right for you, we’re breaking down some of the benefits of buying a new build home.

Coventry Homes’ Anson Model

Design Options

If there’s one thing that sets buying a new vs. resale home apart, it’s the ability to customize your home the way that you want. Say goodbye to that bathroom countertop that you don’t like, or the kitchen backsplash that you want to switch out — with a new build home, you can choose the features and finishes that suit your style and budget. Each of Coastal Point’s builders have their own design studios and models to explore, which will help you gather all the design inspiration you need to bring your dream home to life. Discover their design selections yourself or have their design professionals talk you through the materials, color palettes and upgrades that will complement your home best.

Home Layout

Layouts define your home and can help improve its fluidity from room to room. By purchasing a new build home, individuals have a variety of floor plans to choose from that maximize square footage and deliver features that meet the demands of today’s modern resident. Put simply, they’re designed with your every lifestyle need in mind — be it a space where you can work from home, a great room for entertaining and play, or a covered porch for eating al fresco on a warm summer day. Homebuyers can search for their dream home based on the number of floor plans that they prefer or the size of home that they’re looking for, depending on their needs and family make-up.

Coastal Point Community

Community Amenities

In some cases, buying new means that you benefit from brand new community amenities waiting to be enjoyed. These shared spaces are designed to complement residents’ lifestyles and can include ponds, pools, club houses, walking trails and parks. When you move to a master-planned community like Coastal Point, you have a wealth of amenities at your fingertips that are exclusive to homeowners.


If you’re looking for a home that gives you piece of mind throughout your homeownership journey, buy new. When you purchase a new build home from one of Coastal Point’s award-winning builders, be it Coventry Homes, Empire Communities or Brightland Homes (formerly Gehan Homes), you’re protected by their limited-time home warranty programs.


Like any industry, real estate has its fair share of lingo. For homebuyers, especially first-time buyers, these terms can be confusing. To help you on your homebuying journey, we’ve assembled a list of all the terms that you’re likely to encounter and what they mean below.

  1. Architectural Controls: Architectural controls ensure that the development of communities happens efficiently and that they are attractive places to live. They define things like the size, look and feel of the homes and how many can be built on each street.


  1. Closing: Closing is the last step in taking ownership of your house. It’s the day when you handle paperwork, pay closing costs and receive the keys to your home. The closing date is determined by the builder of your home.


  1. Elevations: Elevations are visualizations of a home, building or community based on architectural blueprints, finishing options and landscape plans. They’re created to give everyone — from the construction team to a prospective buyer — a feel for the finished product.


  1. Features and Finishes: Features are objects that are fixed or attached in the home like flooring, lights, toilets, etc. Finishes typically include how the home is decorated and painted. Builders will provide a features sheet document to help homebuyers understand what’s included in their new home.


  1. Floor Plans: Floor plans are layouts of rooms and levels in a home that illustrate the size of bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, as well as the location of doors, windows, staircases and outdoor spaces.


  1. Inventory: Often referred to as move-in ready or spec homes, inventory homes are houses that have already been constructed and are ready to sell. They generally have quicker closing periods.


  1. Lot: A lot is a piece of land on which a home is constructed. When you purchase a new build home, you’re purchasing both the lot and the home that will be constructed on it. Lot sizes and locations vary depending on availability and the scale of construction.


  1. Master-Plan: A masterplan is a developer’s comprehensive vision for a completed community that integrates everything from the style and construction of homes, to things like streets, paths, green spaces, parks and commercial areas.

So, now that you’ve learned the benefits of buying a new build home, what are you waiting for? Find your dream home in the Coastal Point community.