8 of the Best Places to Fish Near Coastal Point in League City

Living in the Coastal Point community has its perks — beautiful homes, a tight-knit community and amenities that complement you and your family’s lifestyle. Although, the one thing that really sets this community apart from any others is its proximity to the water, and we’re sure that our fishing buffs living in the community would agree. Read on to discover 8 of the best places to fish, all within 10 miles from the Coastal Point community.

1. Clear Lake Park in Seabrook, TX

17 min; 7.7 miles from Coastal Point

Home to 59 acres of parkland, Clear Lake Park is a fisherman’s dream. In addition to its more traditional amenities like its playground, trails and pavilion, it also boasts its own boat launch and fishing pier. Here you’ll find a variety of fish including Red Drum, Gafftopsail Catfish and Black Drum. If you’re looking to up the excitement during your day by the sea, take a Clear Lake fishing trip.

2. Heritage Park in League City, TX

15 min; 6.8 miles from Coastal Point

Heritage Park is truly a destination for the whole family. With its own playground, trails, picnic areas, charcoal grills, and kayak launch, there’s enough activity to keep all members of the family busy throughout the day. What’s the best part you ask? That it has its own fishing pond and that it’s so close to home.


3. Get the Net Fishing Charters: Galveston Fishing Guides in Kemah, TX

12 min; 3.6 miles from Coastal Point

In Kemah, Get the Net Fishing Charters is taking fishing to a whole new level, offering sunset cruises that our fishing fanatics are sure to love. Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Flounders, Sheepshead and Alligator Gar are just some of the common catches that participants still can’t stop talking about.

4. Willow Pond in League City, TX

21 min; 9.9 miles from Coastal Point

Willow Pond may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of fishing, but it does house a few large species of fish, making it a great contender. Here, Largemouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Black Bullheads and Common Carps are just some of the top species to catch.

5. Bay Fishing Adventures in San Leon, TX

21 min; 9.4 miles from Coastal Point

Galveston Bay is one of the premier fishing locations on the entire gulf coast, spanning over 600 square miles and offering year-round fishing for Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder and many more. Round up your friends, family or neighbors for a day out on the water fishing with Bay Fishing Adventures — it won’t disappoint.

6. Robinson Bayou in League City, TX

16 min; 7.0 miles from Coastal Point

Robinson Bayou is a stream located right here in League City where you’ll find Largemouth Bass, Red Drum and Alligator Gar — oh my. If you’re looking for an impressive catch, take a trip and experience it for yourself.

7. Walter Hall Park in League City, TX

16 min; 7.6 miles from Coastal Point

Walter Hall Park has its own baseball field, boat ramp, gazebo, soccer field, tennis court and pier. It’s a great place to bring the whole family, even your furry companions. Who knows, this may just become your new favorite location for all things fishing, boating and crabbing.

8. Deep Hole Park in Clear Lake Shores, TX

12 min; 4.3 miles from Coastal Point

Deep Hole Park is a small grassy park located near Clear Lake Shores. It features a gazebo, a playground for kids and a waterfront boardwalk that has become a destination for fishing over the years. In such close proximity to home, it’s a great go-to for those that want to take a quick fishing trip or boat-watch on a calm afternoon.

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Images courtesy of: Marc McKinney on Flickr (Clear Lake Park); LANDRY’S (Kemah Boardwalk); In-Fisherman (Largemouth Bass); Visit League City (Walter Hall Park).